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The benefits

Having a Toll Tag in your vehicle is so much better than not having one. We all know the hassle of scrambling for change, sitting in toll traffic or missing a payment deadline. Once you’ve registered and are fitted out with your brand new Toll Tag, you’ll not only make great time but you can save money on your toll journeys too.

Why sign up?

  • Save money on the M50 toll road
  • No more wasted time in toll traffic
  • Gone will be the days of scrambling for change in your pocket
  • So long next day payment deadlines
  • You can even pay for your journeys before you travel

So what are you waiting for?

Sign up now!

Low Emissions Vehicle Toll Incentive (LEVTI)

Under the 2020 Budget, DoT secured funding to support a reduced tolling scheme for LEVs, broadening the previous Electric Vehicle Toll Incentive Scheme. This LEVTI Scheme is funded under the Carbon Reduction Programme, with the objective of reducing transport emissions and building a climate resilient low carbon transport sector by 2050. The tolling Scheme is administrated by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII) on behalf of DTTAS. The Scheme is referred to as the ‘Low Emissions Vehicle Toll Incentive (LEVTI) Scheme’. For information on the Low Emissions Vehicle Toll Incentive (EVTI) click here.

Business and Fleet Accounts

For fleet companies and companies with multiple vehicles, we know that time is money. Having a Toll Tag on your vehicle(s), means that you’ll save valuable time by using express lanes AND each vehicle could save up to €1 on your M50 toll journeys.

Why sign up?

  • Faster journeys on the express lanes (cars, jeeps and small vans)
  • You or your drivers won’t have to worry about having the correct change on hand
  • Easy to manage your journeys and spend (speak to your tag provider for more information)
  • Reduce fuel costs and emissions by avoiding toll booth traffic
  • Less wear and tear on your vehicles

It makes perfect sense to have a Toll tag account for your business.

Sign up for a business account now!