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In Ireland

Transport Infrastructure Ireland introduced a customer friendly toll payment system (eToll) which commenced operation nationwide on Friday 15th June, 2007.

One of the biggest advantages of signing up for this system is that they’re interoperable across Ireland. This means, that once you’ve registered with a tag provider, your tag will give you access to all toll roads in the country.

Tag holders can then reap the benefits of avoiding toll booth traffic, never needing change on hand again and faster more fuel efficient journeys.

The eToll concept is simple and convenient:
“a tag from any of the authorised tag providers will operate on toll roads nationwide”.

A full list of tag providers and their account offerings can be found here. Any of the listed tags will operate on all toll roads in Ireland. Also, all lanes at all toll plazas (with the exception of the HGV dedicated lanes at the Dublin Tunnel) accept tags.

All Tag Providers use the eToll Interoperability system which means a driver will only need one tag for tolling facilities in Ireland.

Based on the pilot programme we are expecting an approximate 98% success rate, but there will be difficulty if a tag is faulty or its placement within a vehicle is incorrect. Please refer to the issuers instructions regarding placement of the tag and if there is any difficulty with the electronic tag please contact the tag issuer.

Drivers with more then one tag need to be aware that only one tag will be read through random selection. Therefore it is advised that drivers choose a preferred tag to be placed properly within their car.